Type 1 Diabetes - A Healing Journey.

Jaime is 44 and has Type 1 diabetes since the age of 24. His HbA1c values were on average at 10.7. HbA1c is a maker for average blood sugars over the last 3 months, the higher the value, the higher the average amount of glucose in the blood.
After Jaime visited the Blu Room on a regular basis, within three months the HbA1c value decreased to an average of 7.1 - the lowest value for 20 years.

"Given that he changed nothing other than using the Blu room regularly - this is a remarkable result."

Report from his doctor


MS and the Blu Room™

An about 50 year old woman who visits the Blu Room™ in Kägiswil (Switzerland) has Type 1 Diabetes since she has been 6 years old and MS for almost 20 years. After regular visits in the Blu Room™ she only needs a walking stick instead of a wheelchair. Her balance improved significantly and she is much more self-confident.

Here is the link to the video testimonial (Swiss German with English subtitles)

Animals love Blu Rooms too

Did you know, that the Blu Room can help animals to get healthy?
Only after a few sessions in the Blu Room the state of the German Shepherd improved. He was having problems with Walking and bald spots.

The German Shepherd stopped chewing on herself - the fur on the legs is already coming back - and she is walking better.


If you want to ready the original report, click here.

How a child became a happy whirlwind...


The mother gaves us permission to tell her daughter's story, we will call her Jana. She is now 2 ½.

When Jana was half a year old, she went through a traumatic situation with her family. This had a major impact on her development although her parents cared for her with love and tenderness. Jana grew older appropriate her age but didn't like to experience new things and was rather afraid of strangers.

The mother was a regular visitor of the Blu Room, that's why the idea comes up to take Jana there too. And we did it as soon as possible. Jana sat in the Blu Room for 10 minutes with the door opened, then she had enough of it.

Four months later the mother tried it again.

Mother and daughter, with their UV glasses on and picture books, layed down in the Blu Room. Gentle music brought them to the realms of dreams.

20 minutes later Jana's life has changed. She came out of the Blu Room tough, curious and everything else than shy.

Some weeks ago the mother wrote us that now Jana loves to be in the kindergarten (earlier she often cried) and the nursies told her, that Jana experiences new things more often.

Jana also feared water. Immediately after the Blu Room session she went swimming with her mother and started to love water.

We want to say thank you to her mother for giving us permission to tell her daughter's story. We understand that we had to change the names so the family cannot be recognized.


Finally free of pain!




Gabriele Riexinger had a severe car accident in July 2014.

Now she is, thanks to the Blu Room, free of pain.




Erika G.'s story

"Dear Verena

my eye is keeping its position.

I had the problem that it always moved instinctively to the right since 2007, so I decided to undergo an operation, but it was ineffective. I'd felt a crack and the former state was back again. I've had a lot of experiences of conventional medicine with doctors.
I decided to heal me myself, I handed it over to God.
Yesterday, August 31th, 2017 in the Blu Room, I was lying in a north-south orientation, I experienced an energy flow from feet to my head. that was everything. at the end I sat up, opened my eyes and let the blue light have an effect on my retina and that was the moment when I realised that I can see in a normal way.
I realised that I am really able to see normally.
yesterday we've met friends and I told my experience to a friend of mine but she already realised it by herself. today I will meet her again.

dear verena, could you please send me the information sheet that I've read yesterday without my glasses via mail?


best wishes!




Only after 3 days

On 21 May 2017 J.N. had an accident and experienced severe grazes on the face. The next day he came to his weekly Blu Room™ session. The following week, he drank water daily from the BluRoom ™. J. N. reported that most of his wounds healed after 3 days. On May 31, 2017, J.N. come for his next Blu Room ™ session and as it can be seen in the picture below, all wounds were healed and no scars were left to see.

We are very grateful to J.N. for reporting his accident to us and for his permission to publish the photos.

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