Is Blue the fastest colour?

At the Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang the speed skating team of Norway wore, instead of the traditional red, blue suits for the first time. Norwegian researchers claim that "Blue" is the fastest color.

Not only Norway but also the speed skaters of South Corea and Germany are participating in blue.

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What it takes to become an Olympic Athlete

Nick Catlin, a two-time Olympian describes in the article what it takes to become an Olympic Athlete. Besides the physical training, the support of friends and family und more aspects he mentions the mental attitude. Athletes Need mental strength to perform under pressure and they should maintain their self belief.

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Sleeping problems in the family: Like mother, like child

Swiss researchers analysed the sleeping behaviour of children and this was the result: Mothers, in contrary to fathers, influence the sleeping quality of their children.


Sports in the evening: Blue light boosts performance

In the late evening, athletes are less powerful because the sleepy melatonin is high in the body. Irradiation with blue light creates a remedy. Athletes who are exposed to a blue light before an evening competition can significantly increase in the final sprint. Researchers from the University of Basel have determined this in a study of 74 male athletes.


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