Experiences of Blaue Pause clients

My grandmother (86 years) got in the last months a prescription from the doctor for the same drugs she has been getting in the last years (the product I do not want to name here). In previous years, she was feeling healthier and more energetic. However, according to the last diagnose from the doctor, the drugs were not having the same effect as before. She became agitated, unbalanced, and according to her words, her overall health went downhill.

As I am very positively impressed and also a regular Blu Room visitor, I brought my grandmother 1L of Blu Room treated tap water weekly for about three months. After 2 to 3 weeks she told me enthusiastically about the wonderful effects the water had on her. She has significantly reduced the prescripted drugs from 3 x 40 drops per day to 20 drops per day.  Ever since, she told me she feels more balanced and energetic.

Thank you Blu Room,





Immediately after the session, I felt a sense of ease, balance, and contentment. I noticed that I have increased my ability to concentrate. Also, I have observed a general increase in my cognitive capacity, which enables me to read a text faster than usual.





Apart from the fact that I find the name "BLAUE PAUSE" very appropriate, I feel this unique, wonderful place is like a "Blue Galactic Island", remote from all that surrounds us. Therefore, I noticed many wonderful changes over the course of time, in which I have regularly been to the Blu Room. For example:
• more vitality and creativity in everyday life - since the first visit
• significantly improved sleep quality, better resting while sleeping - no nocturnal waking up, which has occurred very frequently in recent years
• clear improvement of my body discomfort – it actually almost disappeared and the night sweating has completely stopped!
• more serenity and inner peace
• generally improved health and rapid recovery
• Blu Room miracle water for my cat - Ever since I brought my 19-year-old cat water from the Blu Room, he is as playful as when he was young, makes air flips and even bounces back on higher furniture, as in his best years. Incredible!
The most special thing for me is the deep inner joy that I feel ever since I visited the Blu Room. I would like to thank all of you who are involved in the BLU ROOM and that we can now use it in Vienna.
Thank you!

Inge R., 50 years




Immediately after my first meeting I felt joyfulness and peace.
The next morning, my lumbar spine, where I had been operated a long time ago because of a herniated disc, felt as if it had been replaced, so I dared to try it without my lumbar support, which I had been using for a long time.
I feel now much freer and more agile. The sudden, extreme temperature fluctuations I have been experiencing are not so painful anymore and my vital signs have improved.
After four sessions, I felt much more vital, energetic, and full of life, despite my eighties.

Three months later, I have stopped using my lumbar bandage.
It seems to me that my body got an order from this ‘blue secret’ to delight itself and my heart, because my peripheral arterial occlusive disease is constantly improving, as well as the swollen feet situation has completely disappeared. The aches and pains, which in old age can sometimes vaporize our health in a heartbeat, are felt a little less after each session.
I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Blu Room, which offers universal health, joie de vivre, genius, creativity, and the possibility to achieve a quantum leap in our evolution.
I am very impressed by this brilliant project and I wish to see nothing but the awakening of many, many people who wish to be a part of it.

Karl B., 84 years



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