Take a break!

 Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the Blu Room™ and

  • Charge yourself with new energy
  • Enjoy a deep relaxation and
  • Activate your self healing powers


Summer special 3x9


…you finally have time and want to do something particularly good?

…you are very sensitive to the sun and still want to "sunbathe" before your holiday in the south?

…you always wanted to do something good for your health?


We have the following offer for you:


3 Blu Room ™ sessions - book within 9 working days - for the package price € 180, -

(Also please note our open weekends)


(The offer is not transferable, per person 3x bookable and valid until 8th September 2017 inclusive)


We are looking forward to your visit at
 Tigergasse 3/5, 1080 Wien

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